Honle Gw9
Honle Gw9

Honle Gw9

1) Altitude: ≤1000m;2) Environment temperature:-30~+40ºC,Alpine region≤-40ºC;3) Wind pressure:≤700Pa(Equivalent to wind
Basic Info.
Model NO. GW9
Origin Zhejiang, China
Production Capacity 50000PCS/Month
Product Description

1) Altitude: ≤1000m;2) Environment temperature:-30~+40ºC,Alpine region≤-40ºC;3) Wind pressure:≤700Pa(Equivalent to wind speed of 34m/s); 4) Earthquake intensity:≤8 degrees;5) No frequent and violent vibration site;6) General installation sites should be free of gases, vapors, chemical deposits, salt sprays, dust and other explosive, aggressive substances that seriously affect the insulation and conductivity of isolated switches.Anti-fouling type is suitable for filthy areas, but should not cause fire and explosive substances.
The GW9-12 outdoor isolation switch is a single-phase AC 50Hz high-voltage switching device.It is used in 10KV power systems for turning on or off the power supply in the case of voltage and no load.This product is a single-break vertical open structure, unicorn isolation switch pillar insulator is installed on their respective base frame, mainly by the base, pillar insulator, leading electrical circuit part, self-locking device and so on.The gate-type structure is used to split the gate to cut off and close the line.Each phase knife switch consists of two conductive blades, the blade is equipped with compression springs on both sides, adjusting the height of the spring can obtain the contact pressure required to the knife switch.When the switch on and off,the operating mechanism part of the insulated hook rod is used, and the knife switch has its own locking device.When the isolation switch is separated with an insulated hook rod operation, the insulation hook stick buckles the isolation switch lock hook, pulls the lock hook to the direction of the separation gate, unlocks the self-locking device and drives the connecting conductive plate rotation to achieve the split-gate action, when the lock is closed by the insulating hook rod against the isolation switch hook drives the shaft rotation, so that the connected conductive plate turns to the closed position, at this time the self-locking device locks the isolation switch in the closed position.This type of isolation switch can be mounted on a strut, wall, ceiling, crossbar or metal frame, or can be mounted upright or obliquely, however the mounting position should be trending down when the tentacle is open.
1 Rated VoltageKV10 12 15
2 Max. working voltageKV12 12 7.5
3 Rated insulation level1 min frequency tolerance voltageTo the groundKV40 40 40
(effective value) BreakKV47 47 47
Lightning impulse withstand voltageTo the groundKV105 105 105
(Peak)BreakKV120 120 120
4 Rated frequencyHZ50
5 Rated currentA200 400 630 800 1000 1250
6 4s heat stabilized current (effective value)KA6.3 12.5 20 25 25 31.5
7 Dynamic current(effective value)KA16 31.5 50 63 63 80
8 Creep distanceMM300 380

Honle Gw9-12 Gw9 12kv Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch Disconnector