GENERAL LW38-40.5w outdoor AC High-Voltage Sulfur Hexafluoride(SF6) circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as "circuit
Basic Info.
Model NO. LW38
Type Circuit Breaker
Function Conventional Circuit Breaker, Break Load Current, Over-Load Current
Certification ISO9001-2000
Transport Package Export Box
Trademark DGG
Origin China
HS Code 8504311000
Production Capacity 100000PCS/Year
Product Description
LW38-40.5w outdoor AC High-Voltage Sulfur Hexafluoride(SF6) circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as "circuit breaker") is an outdoor high-voltage distribution switchgear with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 40.5kV. It can be used to open and close rated current and fault current, switch on and off capacitor banks, and switch lines. It is especially suitable for frequent operation and can also be used as a contact circuit breaker. The circuit breaker uses SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing and insulation quality is installed outdoors and adopts the elevated porcelain column structure.The circuit breaker complies with technical standards such as GB / t1984-2014 high voltage AC circuit breaker, DL / t402-2016 high voltage AC circuit breaker, and JB / T 9694-2008 high voltage AC sulfur fluoride circuit breaker.

Lw38-40.5W Outdoor AC High-Voltage Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Circuit Breaker

  1. Altitude: ≤ 1000m, If the altitude is higher than 1000m, the rated insulation level shall be corrected accordingly.
  2. Ambient temperature: -40 oC ~ +45 oC,
  3. Maximum daily temperature difference: 25 K
  4. Humidity: Average daily relative humidity: 95%, average monthly relative humidity: 90%.
  5. Sunshine intensity: not more than 0.1W/cm 2
  6. Wind Speed: 34m/s
  7. Wind pressure: 700Pa
  8. Pollution level: e - level
  9. Icing thickness: Not more than 10mm
  10. Resistance to floor drain: horizontal acceleration 0.3g, vertical acceleration 0.2g

☆ SF6 gas arc extinguishing and insulation, excellent insulation performance;☆ Simple structure, long maintenance cycle;☆ Strong breaking capacity and long mechanical life;☆ Either built-in or external current transformer, with high measurement accuracy;☆ Built-in intelligent wet temperature controller to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the circuit breaker in cold regions;☆ The overall sealing design of the shell is improved to effectively prevent the adverse effects of sandstorms and other bad weather on the circuit breaker.
1Rated frequencyHz50
2Rated voltagekV40.5
3Rated currentA1250 / 1600 / 2000
4Rated Short-Circuit Breaking CurrentkA31.5
5Rated Short-Circuit Closing Current80
6Rated Short-Time Withstand Current31.5
7Rated Peak Withstand Current80
8Rated Out of Step Breaking Current10
9Rated Short-Circuit Continuous Time s4
10Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current Breaking TimesTimes10
Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage
Interphase, to earth(dry)kV/min95/1
Fracture (dry)118/1
Interphase, to earth(wet)80/1
Auxiliary circuit to earth2/1
12Rated lightning impulse withstand voltageInterphase, to earthkV185
13Rated Operating Voltage and Auxiliary Circuit Rated VoltageVAC220, DC220
14Main Circuit RsistanceRated Current 1600A and belowμΩ≤ 90
Rated Current more than 1600A≤ 40
15Closing TimeUnder AC Voltagems
≤ 100
Under DC Voltage55 ~ 100
16Opening TimeUnder AC Voltage≤ 60
Under DC Voltage30 ~ 65
17Closing - Opening Time≤ 120
18Opening - Closing Time≤ 50
19Full Breaking Time≤ 78
20Rated Operating OrderO - 0.3s - CO -180s- CO
21Moving Contact Travelmm96±2.5
22Contact Opening Distancemm60±1.5
23Closing buffer Strokemm10±2
24Phase-to-Phase opening Synchronismms≤ 3
25Phase-to-Phase closing Synchronismms≤ 3
26Phase spacingmm725
27Annual Gas Leakage rate of SF6%≤ 0.5
SF6 Gas Moisture content (ppm, gauge pressure at 20 degrees Celcius)Handover Acceptance ValueV/V≤ 150
Distance Travel≤ 300
29SF6 Gas Rated Pressure (gauge pressure at 20oC)MPa0.45
30SF6 Gas Replenish Pressure (gauge pressure at 20 oC)0.42
31SF6 Gas Locked Pressure (gauge pressure at 20oC)0.4
32Mechanical LifeTimes6000
33SF6 Gas WeightKg5
34Weight (with CT)800
Weight (without CT)1000
Note: If the altitude is over 1000m, the rated insulation level should be modified as appropriate.